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2 years ago

Welcome to CreamAsia - Japanese Gravure AV Models!

This happened about 18 months and was totally creamasia true was in town in Shropshire, with some friends on a Saturday night after a creamasia good few drinks, I decided that I come home about 15 miles away I went to the local taxi companies and found that the waiting time was 1 hour, not in a position always in the rain, hopefully by the way, was trying to hail a cab when I was a car stopped at the light, looking desperate the boy put his window down "must have an elevator? " - " Yes, I said "... " Hop in, he said, where you go, " What now, not what I expected, I gave him a ticket for 20 and asked him to take me home to the nearest town, no problem, he said, as forward, we find creamasia the ladies of the night had started chatting, etc, nothing to say, I looked, and I would say that i was 30 years old with creamasia a Welsh accent. Then, as he approached my people who decided to leave the road in a well-known excursion destination "and are dogging, we moved tothe parking lot a few miles of the road only to find that there are no cars, we sat with the light on for a few minutes and suggested that moved (I wanted to go home! ), then headed to another around the corner dogging place once again nothing in this creamasia moment I was a little excited to see reflected the highway and road lights on us, I realized his pants again without..... Fruth while we were on the road, and we chatted about dogging told me it was as hard as he could " take everything tonight", to this day do not know what possessed me, but I felt this cock and elnt.. He sighed, as I played, I could not believe my first experience of touching another cock... Not big, but it made me hot, I can creamasia see staright away my increase of 8 ", as he slowly masturbate, we headed down the road and headed towards my house, I knew an alley, where we could get all the time masturbate how difficult it was slow, as we arrived at creamasia the point b is slid chairsacknowledgment in his car, opened my jeans with zip and CCAM down, the next thing I knew, her lips around my cock, suck it hard to tell me how thick it was - ta I 'm exploiting then got pants and sucked like I've never tasted anything, his semen before all my lips and mouth, and then without warning it toook his hand and put it in the ass I've never felt joy, and then with two fingers, i Is not the same to him and told him what a dirty bastard with him in the ass, and I mean always 20 quids worth then started sucking me again and stop this time i could not, I I went back and pulled her head, then proceeded to lick some of the runs, his anger had masturbated for a few minutes and played his ass with three fingers, until I came across very strong, I try some of them, knowing what it feels like.... Hot... how it went between his teeth.. I was so dirty, I felt creamasia used, I left home 2 minutes walk which exhnumvbers CNAG but I've never heard of him and tried to never be n I went home and masturbated thinking off I hope to repeat one day.... that has not happened since, but on this side, who knows ? is used fully creamasia enjoy the time of the first and only !

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